Monday, November 15, 2010

Computers After Flood

Free Computers After Flood Day

After Flood From 4th Until 9th November 2010...

I have help my best friend to clean they house, and now already 4 days on cleaning, but still a lot thing need to throw.

My best friend brother has ask me whether want or not his this long time all the computers.

Sure, why not, from computer casing, power supply, hard disk, cd-drom, floppy disk, crt monitors, miscellaneous computer cables and accessories, and also have printer such as Panasonic 1121.

We driving two times send to my own house, and little quite happy because i really Interested on Computer thing.

And is the time for me, to check one by one and can assemble up for few computers.

And I am planning to given FREE for some of my around friends and neighbours which they are poor on the life.

Is so happy can see some kids have the own computer..

But the problem now is...I need still to clear a lot thing of my friend store room.

I still need to stay about two weeks at here and can't go back to Selangor.

The latest new update from 13th November, at North Malaysia will become the 2nd time flood and also maybe will be biggest than 4th November. Anywhere we all have do the basic preparation at here....and now very tired and I need going bed for sleep.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Flood On 8th November 2010

At 7th November 2010, all the water have being going down on morning and afternoon time, and many place on Alor Star become as normal.

But on 8th November 2010 time around 1.00am the water is fastest up and my friend garden (Taman Thean Peng, Alor Star) look like sea.

I have taken some video camera on the real time how the water is up (will upload on here later).

My best friend go out with other friend to other place to check, see whether any needed help. And this time and until today, we cannot see much our related government come to help all this people on this flood, they care much on they chair on seating than people.

Many charity are running by local people, neighbour, and between garden help each other and pass the food and drink water.

Lucky, my staying place was not so bad. There are still many place like some house (single story) are totally disappear, many of them are less of foods and water. We all really no idea what our government doing for the moment.

Everyday, on timing the water will going down, and then the time coming it will up again.

And other good news for all Manchester United Fans On North Malaysia, Chelsea get loss match with Liverpool (Chel 0 - 2 Liverpool), and MU will take over and on Top 1 of premier leagues table.

Many of my other business blog i have stop write and design, because no mood and no idea, everyday are sitting to waiting road become as sea.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

MU vs Wolves 2010 November

Manchester United VS Wolverhampton Wanderers On 2010 November 6th, Saturday

What happen for today, our city on Kedah (North Malaysia) is being flood. But me and my best friend not forgot to watch this excellent match.

We taken some 20 minutes to find the place (actually is Mamak Shop) that got the ASTRO TV, when we arrive the games is around 29 minutes on playing.

We very sad, because MU in this few games playing is very bad, passing is not on target and with many reason also.

On 45 Minutes, Park Ji-Sung run on right way...shoot GOAL!!! very good passing and running and one time for shooting on goal. By the way, on 2nd half around 50 minutes, my best friend brother call us faster go back to home is because "The Water Is Up Again", and we need go back to standby for any cases happening.

When we reach at home, like last two days, our Garden like SEA, even cannot see road, and the DOG'S jump to more higher place for safe. And we very nervous go inside the home and do other preparing works, but still not used because the water pressure is very higher, no matter what method we used, still cannot closed / stop some water go in through the small way.

North Malaysia - Kedah Are Flood On November 2010 click here read more

After few works, very tired, and i really tired and hate because all the previous preparation also not used at all. And i am going up stair, and ask my friend, how the MU result...

My Best Friend - Uglymen Michael Lee, Singing On Flood At He Front House With Two Kids

He said...Park Ji-Sung score the 2nd goals...oh, MU win tonight, i am very happy at all. He score again the second ball on adding time 93 minutes, I have review the HIGHLIGHT on Online, very nice and super running and shoot on target angel for GOALS!!!.

Yes...Manchester United....I love you, wish you get CHAMPION on this 2010 - 2011

MNU v WOL 2-1
Uploaded by TotalFootball2010. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

After today this game, MU is nearly two point from Chelsea. All Manchester United Fans At North Malaysia wish Chelsea will get loss on tomorrow game with Liverpool.

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Michael Singing On Flood

My best friend "Michael Lee - localized musician, band UGLYMEN" Singing On Flood..

Today, 6th November 2010, nothing to do on afternoon after have prepared a lot works on protected for flood water come in to house...we used a lot method and way to do protecting, this is 3rd night we are force to meet the flood in whole our place.

You can get some information on what happen actually for our friend mother stay this place around 50 years, this is one big case happen in our North Malaysia...Flood On Kedah 2010

So friend Michael ask me why not we create some song, and singing on water, and let all social friends know, even our place is flood but we still finding some happy thing.

You can view this Song on he Facebook - Uglymen Michael Lee
You can direct watch this video on here, coming day you also can found it at YouTube because my friend will upload to his profile

There are two kids who is our neighbour, they are come happy together. This is chinese song, but we are take it for whole editing.

The meaning is something like : Many days here is no water, cannot taken bath, sometime no electric also cannot online to update at Facebook, and some piranha etc are swim here and there...we are very hungry, no water no water come....

You can find me at my Facebook - Ric Ristianny Chow, and my best friend Facebook - Uglymen Michael Lee

We will keep continue update the latest status on my Facebook and this personal blog *_*

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flood On Kedah 2010

Dangerous Flood On Two Of State "Kedah Darul Aman And Perlis" At North Malaysia.

The Flood happen On Thailand first, then Thai and Malaysia related department "Dam" are decided to opening for water flood out.

And all the water is from Thailand to North Malaysia (first to Perlis then to Kedah).

The affected Town on Perlis is Kangar and Changlun and UUM part also, and other small city

This one of Flood Video on Jitra (one of town on Kedah Darul Aman, Norht Malaysia).

For Kedah, there have many place on affected of Flood, from Kepala Batas (Kedah Airport) to Alor Star and the flood are slowing to affected for more wide area, now many small city around Alor Star is being affected.

Date And Time Of Flood On State
3th November 2010 - There are arive on Perlis first
4th November 2010 - Come to Alor Star (one of Kedah town/city)

I have holiday on this trip for 31th October 2010 When is my best friend wedding. I plan to back on 1th November to Kuala Lumpur, but for some reason I am staying back, and on 4th November 2010 there are suddenly flood happening.

Now i staying with my Best Friend house, he are local musician (The Guitarist, Vocalist Of UGLYMEN). He place the time of flood come is everyday morning will going down and at 1pm to 2pm the water will up again, and after 2.xxpm the water will going down again, and night time when 11.00pm the water will be double up compare to afternoon.

And here is no water for few days. I even cant taken for bath, very crazy...

I hope everything will pass soon, come as normal day.

But one thing I wanna said is "I Really Get The Meaning When Some Place / Country Are No Water, Or The Water Are Not Clean...Any Others People Will Be Understanding And Help Them"... I am understand and hope one day I can have a lot money to helping them...God Bless You ^_^......

You can watch this Video Song, very funny, he is my best friend and I taken the camera, we happy and singing together with our Neighbour Kids - Michael Singing On Flood

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Personal Loan Business

This is yesterday night I get the information from my friend.Which regarding the commercial personal loan for your own start up business (optional).

Loan Amount : RM50,000.00
Repayment Year : 5 Years

Repayment Months : 60 Months

Interest : Around 2.4% or around 5% per year (depending).

CCRIS :  Black List or 3 month no repayment status are NOT ALLOW

Information : All the personal information and requirement documents must be realistic, NO faulty are allow.

There have minimum requirement to meet up the criteria to submit the application for process. Is not guarantee you are fully 100% approved. But you still can try to submit

Click here to contact the person.

*** All info as above for this post is not any responsible will handle from this blog owner, and all info are not related and affiliate with this blog url. You are take your own risk to try it. The info is advertise and provided from other sponsor and affiliate.

NOTE : Update At 2010 Nov
This SME Commercial Loan opportunity have  been end offer from the agency. Please find other about this opportunities, any the latest news will be on new post.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Course Shamelin

Date : 16th - 18th March 2010

Venue : Shamelin, Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Trainee : Mindy

Group : 4 Group with 6 persons for each group, and 1 group is 5 persons

Course Taken : ING Fast Start

Comment :

I love this fast start course, if you still not join this course especially you never have join and start it since you have join ING more than 6 months and have closing a lot sales.

Then what will be change in your mind after you have attend about this course. Is quite difficult to share and talk to you from here, but i am sure you will gain a lot benefits thing which you never meet it before no matter how many sales you have close or what the big amount you have closing. And after all of it you can feel that many things I have miss out and I can do more better and more sales at previous after finish this three days Fast Start Course.

But the TRAINEE for me is always very important, can say the more good trainee then you will gain the more benefits and learn different things in this 3 days FS course.

Plus from there, you can know more friends and wide your social friendship network, and each of them (only the last day) which is, you will much surprise because 1st day, 2nd day the mostly quite (which not talk so much friends) will give out very good talk of words and meaningful from they sharing present, WHY, I don't know - maybe is last day and all of us in this three days have silent build up the friends relationship. After each friends have start to sharing present until finish talk, which let you think in mind on good way for positive each friends all can be come to true dream and success and archive the goals on MDRT :)..

And last thing the foods and tea providing is much nice and good. All of us love about it.

AND I want thank so much to our Trainee - MINDY. Thank sharing a lot knowledge and true of story and guideline how we step out for the first step

If you  are first time visit here and still don't know what is ING FS then ask around your friends refer you to join it, and you are HELPING a lot person and friends and family in this life when we still alive together...

*** PS : you can used your own language (such as chinese input) into this comment.