Thursday, June 24, 2010

Personal Loan Business

This is yesterday night I get the information from my friend.Which regarding the commercial personal loan for your own start up business (optional).

Loan Amount : RM50,000.00
Repayment Year : 5 Years

Repayment Months : 60 Months

Interest : Around 2.4% or around 5% per year (depending).

CCRIS :  Black List or 3 month no repayment status are NOT ALLOW

Information : All the personal information and requirement documents must be realistic, NO faulty are allow.

There have minimum requirement to meet up the criteria to submit the application for process. Is not guarantee you are fully 100% approved. But you still can try to submit

Click here to contact the person.

*** All info as above for this post is not any responsible will handle from this blog owner, and all info are not related and affiliate with this blog url. You are take your own risk to try it. The info is advertise and provided from other sponsor and affiliate.

NOTE : Update At 2010 Nov
This SME Commercial Loan opportunity have  been end offer from the agency. Please find other about this opportunities, any the latest news will be on new post.

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