Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Course Shamelin

Date : 16th - 18th March 2010

Venue : Shamelin, Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Trainee : Mindy

Group : 4 Group with 6 persons for each group, and 1 group is 5 persons

Course Taken : ING Fast Start

Comment :

I love this fast start course, if you still not join this course especially you never have join and start it since you have join ING more than 6 months and have closing a lot sales.

Then what will be change in your mind after you have attend about this course. Is quite difficult to share and talk to you from here, but i am sure you will gain a lot benefits thing which you never meet it before no matter how many sales you have close or what the big amount you have closing. And after all of it you can feel that many things I have miss out and I can do more better and more sales at previous after finish this three days Fast Start Course.

But the TRAINEE for me is always very important, can say the more good trainee then you will gain the more benefits and learn different things in this 3 days FS course.

Plus from there, you can know more friends and wide your social friendship network, and each of them (only the last day) which is, you will much surprise because 1st day, 2nd day the mostly quite (which not talk so much friends) will give out very good talk of words and meaningful from they sharing present, WHY, I don't know - maybe is last day and all of us in this three days have silent build up the friends relationship. After each friends have start to sharing present until finish talk, which let you think in mind on good way for positive each friends all can be come to true dream and success and archive the goals on MDRT :)..

And last thing the foods and tea providing is much nice and good. All of us love about it.

AND I want thank so much to our Trainee - MINDY. Thank sharing a lot knowledge and true of story and guideline how we step out for the first step

If you  are first time visit here and still don't know what is ING FS then ask around your friends refer you to join it, and you are HELPING a lot person and friends and family in this life when we still alive together...

*** PS : you can used your own language (such as chinese input) into this comment.