Monday, November 15, 2010

Computers After Flood

Free Computers After Flood Day

After Flood From 4th Until 9th November 2010...

I have help my best friend to clean they house, and now already 4 days on cleaning, but still a lot thing need to throw.

My best friend brother has ask me whether want or not his this long time all the computers.

Sure, why not, from computer casing, power supply, hard disk, cd-drom, floppy disk, crt monitors, miscellaneous computer cables and accessories, and also have printer such as Panasonic 1121.

We driving two times send to my own house, and little quite happy because i really Interested on Computer thing.

And is the time for me, to check one by one and can assemble up for few computers.

And I am planning to given FREE for some of my around friends and neighbours which they are poor on the life.

Is so happy can see some kids have the own computer..

But the problem now is...I need still to clear a lot thing of my friend store room.

I still need to stay about two weeks at here and can't go back to Selangor.

The latest new update from 13th November, at North Malaysia will become the 2nd time flood and also maybe will be biggest than 4th November. Anywhere we all have do the basic preparation at here....and now very tired and I need going bed for sleep.