Sunday, November 7, 2010

Michael Singing On Flood

My best friend "Michael Lee - localized musician, band UGLYMEN" Singing On Flood..

Today, 6th November 2010, nothing to do on afternoon after have prepared a lot works on protected for flood water come in to house...we used a lot method and way to do protecting, this is 3rd night we are force to meet the flood in whole our place.

You can get some information on what happen actually for our friend mother stay this place around 50 years, this is one big case happen in our North Malaysia...Flood On Kedah 2010

So friend Michael ask me why not we create some song, and singing on water, and let all social friends know, even our place is flood but we still finding some happy thing.

You can view this Song on he Facebook - Uglymen Michael Lee
You can direct watch this video on here, coming day you also can found it at YouTube because my friend will upload to his profile

There are two kids who is our neighbour, they are come happy together. This is chinese song, but we are take it for whole editing.

The meaning is something like : Many days here is no water, cannot taken bath, sometime no electric also cannot online to update at Facebook, and some piranha etc are swim here and there...we are very hungry, no water no water come....

You can find me at my Facebook - Ric Ristianny Chow, and my best friend Facebook - Uglymen Michael Lee

We will keep continue update the latest status on my Facebook and this personal blog *_*

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