Monday, November 8, 2010

Flood On 8th November 2010

At 7th November 2010, all the water have being going down on morning and afternoon time, and many place on Alor Star become as normal.

But on 8th November 2010 time around 1.00am the water is fastest up and my friend garden (Taman Thean Peng, Alor Star) look like sea.

I have taken some video camera on the real time how the water is up (will upload on here later).

My best friend go out with other friend to other place to check, see whether any needed help. And this time and until today, we cannot see much our related government come to help all this people on this flood, they care much on they chair on seating than people.

Many charity are running by local people, neighbour, and between garden help each other and pass the food and drink water.

Lucky, my staying place was not so bad. There are still many place like some house (single story) are totally disappear, many of them are less of foods and water. We all really no idea what our government doing for the moment.

Everyday, on timing the water will going down, and then the time coming it will up again.

And other good news for all Manchester United Fans On North Malaysia, Chelsea get loss match with Liverpool (Chel 0 - 2 Liverpool), and MU will take over and on Top 1 of premier leagues table.

Many of my other business blog i have stop write and design, because no mood and no idea, everyday are sitting to waiting road become as sea.

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