Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flood On Kedah 2010

Dangerous Flood On Two Of State "Kedah Darul Aman And Perlis" At North Malaysia.

The Flood happen On Thailand first, then Thai and Malaysia related department "Dam" are decided to opening for water flood out.

And all the water is from Thailand to North Malaysia (first to Perlis then to Kedah).

The affected Town on Perlis is Kangar and Changlun and UUM part also, and other small city

This one of Flood Video on Jitra (one of town on Kedah Darul Aman, Norht Malaysia).

For Kedah, there have many place on affected of Flood, from Kepala Batas (Kedah Airport) to Alor Star and the flood are slowing to affected for more wide area, now many small city around Alor Star is being affected.

Date And Time Of Flood On State
3th November 2010 - There are arive on Perlis first
4th November 2010 - Come to Alor Star (one of Kedah town/city)

I have holiday on this trip for 31th October 2010 When is my best friend wedding. I plan to back on 1th November to Kuala Lumpur, but for some reason I am staying back, and on 4th November 2010 there are suddenly flood happening.

Now i staying with my Best Friend house, he are local musician (The Guitarist, Vocalist Of UGLYMEN). He place the time of flood come is everyday morning will going down and at 1pm to 2pm the water will up again, and after 2.xxpm the water will going down again, and night time when 11.00pm the water will be double up compare to afternoon.

And here is no water for few days. I even cant taken for bath, very crazy...

I hope everything will pass soon, come as normal day.

But one thing I wanna said is "I Really Get The Meaning When Some Place / Country Are No Water, Or The Water Are Not Clean...Any Others People Will Be Understanding And Help Them"... I am understand and hope one day I can have a lot money to helping them...God Bless You ^_^......

You can watch this Video Song, very funny, he is my best friend and I taken the camera, we happy and singing together with our Neighbour Kids - Michael Singing On Flood

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